Hi Rita, I’m so glad you liked the recipe. I bought instapot in India after hearing about your recipes from friends and family in the US Since then I have clung to your website. Tried this today. Hi Sana, I don’t have an 8 quart but my suggestion would be to stir in more dry milk powder to help thicken the batter – that’s what I’d do Let me know if that helps! Any substitute ? The whole dish came out a bit runny (but I didn’t see the note about adding more milk powder if needed). It’s effortless to make in an instant pot; it’s basically a pour and cook recipe. Thank you so much! Hi Monica, I’m so glad you like the recipe! I added a little bit extra milk powder , so many 1.5 cups of milk powder for half the recipe. I love love kalakand and I grew up in Delhi so loved it there one of my fav Its sticky nd liquidy. Hope that helps! Tried the Kalakand exactly as you had it in the IP and it came out excellent – will post a picture on your FB group. Is it available in American Grocery Store? Sonal, that’s so great to hear! Happy Diwali to you and yours! Is the texture and taste very different? Thank you Sushma for your feedback. Milk Barfi or Milk Powder Burfi is a super delicious, easy to make, melt in mouth Indian sweet or fudge recipe prepared using 5 ingredients in less than 30 minutes. Hi Ashley, can I substitute sugar with artificial sweetener? Hi Divya, I’m not sure what you mean by normal milk powder, do you mean whole milk powder? Thanks, Trish! The milk cake tasted great though. It is prepared by curdling milk and adding it to rich creamy milk or a milk powder, sugar, and topped with nuts like almonds or pistachios. But my final product turned out to be softer than I was expecting. Rest all same. Lemon juice: 3 tbsp. Hi Ashely, Amazing recipe. Kalakand is specially made during festivals using paneer (cottage cheese), cardamom powder, fresh cream, milk powder, almonds and pistachios. Can you tell how to adjust for it? If yes, does the cooking time change? Since it’s more watery than ricotta, I added 20 oz and halved the water . I just measured again after reading your comment and I’m still getting approx. The next time will try the exact recipe. Thanks for sharing, Smita , I have tried both times I did with double the recipe and it turned out great . Kalakand can be prepared at home in two different ways; 1) in traditional way by simmering the milk on low heat until reduced to semi solids, and 2) in instant way by using Paneer and sweetened condensed … Thank you so much for letting me know how the kalakand turned out for you!! Hey Ashley thanks for this yummy recipe. Amazing. Hi Ashley ! Thanks, Sonia. Hi Ashley, Question: where do we get milk powder? Let us know how it goes , Is the timing same to pressure cookif I reduce the quant of ricotta into half, I’m not sure that’ll work, sorry! What would be the reason for it? May I ask, what brand ricotta cheese you used? It is made with mainly two ingredients – milk and sugar. |. Wrap the curds in a muslin cloth, rinse under cold water, and squeeze well. Do this mixing step of the flame. Is this the Nido brand by Nestle? As soon as the pressure cook was complete on the instant pot (after 11 minutes) I manually released the pressure. I made mine with home made paneer that was not firm enough to make a curry with! Fantastically easy recipe Ashley.. thank you! This sounds and looks like an awesome recipe. Kalakand is a traditional Indian milk cake, and this easy Rose Kalakand is made with the use of condensed milk, ricotta cheese and milk powder, flavored with rose water, and an added … Is crystal sugar same as granulated sugar? I pretty much avoid all mithais but would like to try this one. Kalakand, a delicious milk based sweet with hints of cardamon, is yet another way of enjoying the goodness of milk. Only change I did was to use evaporated milk instead of water and reduced the sugar to 3/4 cup and rest all followed the recipe to the T. Hi Rama, I’m so glad you liked it Good to know it worked well with those substitutions! Mine also got burn. Add all the ingredients in a deep microwave safe bowl. Ashley I’d like to thank you for taking the time and effort to put up such a sensational recipe! My gosh Ashley! Hi there, any tips for now or next time? Please let me know. The easiest thing is to buy a 15-ounce container, but I know sometimes it’s only possible to find smaller or larger containers of ricotta, in which case, you’ll want to measure out 15 ounces. I tried it and tasted very good. Made it & loved it!!!! If you experiment, please let us know! (This is a good time to grind... Quick-release pressure. Wanted to check if I can use (1) milk instead of milk powder (2) paneer instead of ricotta cheese, as these are commonly available here. There are many types of milk-based Indian desserts. Also which brand milk powder do you recommend using ? Hi Ashley, Lifelong qalaqand fan here!! Hello there, I am Madhavi, welcome to my blog! Hi Jen, I’ve tried this using different brands and different container sizes, but always a total of 15 ounces. Much love!! Happy to help troubleshoot. This is nestle everyday. The story is that a dessert maker left Pakistan after the Partition in 1947 and settled in Alwar, where he brought this dessert and made it popular. You can try sautéing at the end if it looks too runny or try adding more milk powder next time. Add ricotta cheese, sugar and water to a pot and mix well. Im excited to try the recipe but unable to find ricotta/cottage cheese in India near my place. Thanks, Maya! However the taste is perfect! Amazon prime has 2-day delivery! Are you using a 6 quart to make this? If I figure it out, I’ll be sure to share! Did you make any changes to the recipe? Thank you Ashley. That’s the only thing missing in my pantry and I so want to make Kalakand right now. Step by step kalakand with ricotta cheese . These recipes are so flavorful that you'll never get bored following your new, healthier lifestyle! I highly suggest grinding your own for this recipe (and for any Indian dessert recipe). Give a mix. #cooksnap Milk powder or khoya chhena burfi/Kalakand is a very delicious indian sweet.You can make it on any special occasion like Holi, Diwali , Rakhshabandhan or anytime whenever you are in mood to eat somthing sweet.It is very easy to prepare and very delicious in taste, for prepare this yummy sweet you just need chhena, milk powder,sugar,clarified butter and some pistachios only. I tried this today. Hope you and wifey love this – let me know how it goes! Thanks for the recipe! METHOD: Blend all the ingredients well till creamy and to the consistency you desire. If you try, please let us know how it goes! ⅓ cup milk powder optional ▢ Hi Irene, yes you can use dry whole milk powder . If the answer to all of those is yes then I suggest waiting a few minutes to see if the burn sign goes away on its own – if it does, it should still be fine to use. Love your idea of lining with parchment, comes out neat. Step 3. Once chilled, lift from the pan using parchment then cut into 1.5-inch x 1.5-inch squares. Which buttons to press to achieve ‘cook for 11 minutes at high pressure’ as mentioned in recipe. And would you mind sharing which milk powder you used? I just bought instant pot, so need help. You can store this mithai in an air-tight container in the fridge for about a week. 1. I am nobody, but can whole heartedly give you the title.!!!!! I’ve only tried this with milk powder, but hopefully another reader can reply if they’ve experimented with different ingredients. Continue cooking, stirring often. I wanted to ask you if in any way in this recipe we can use condensed milk ? Mix all the ingredients together until milk powder is completely mixed well. My recipes have only been tested with a 6 quart which is why I ask. Much love! Is it possible to reduce the ghee? Ah no worries – let me know what you think! As far as I could tell everything was fine in terms of sealing. I know you haven’t tried it with paneer but even an idea would really help, I’m really not sure but if I were to guess, I’d probably use the same amount of (homemade) paneer as ricotta (15 oz) and I may add a bit more water – but again, haven’t tested this! Sprinkle crushed pistachio and cool slightly and then place the tray in the refrigerator to set. Ingredients. This recipe is for milk burfi, also known as milk powder burfi. If you decide to experiment, please let us know! Thanks for the recipe not sure if I can add a picture here, How much milk powder is needed.. recipe says 2.5 cup ( 225 -250 gm) but 1 cup is 235 gm . As for milk powder, any brand of dry milk powder should work, and yes, white sugar . We are skipping that step entirely. You know what else you need to share with this recipe: your fitness regimen lol. 340 grams / 1 can of Condensed milk 1/2 teaspoon Cardamom powder Few Pistachios, chopped. Approximately how long do you stir after adding the milk powder/ghee?I took it off right after it all mixed and appeared smooth, probably like 2-3 minutes, wonder if I should have done it for a longer time? Well, I have decades of experience eating kalakand lol. Can I curdle milk at home (like Chenna) and use that? Was there something that I may missed? 500 gm would be fairly close to the weight of 2.5 cups of liquid. The recipe looks amazing! Required fields are marked *. Is that why it’s not a dump and go recipe? Hi Anjali, yup it’ll be fine! This recipe is amazing. Crushed nuts on top help with making it look prettier . If you’re a bit off it shouldn’t matter but 500g is nearly double…. Hi Ashley thanks for the recipe,it turned out good for me but too sweet.Do you know how to fix it now? Do you think I can use it and reduce/omit the sugar? What 8×8 pan do you recommend? At this point the bowl will be very hot, remove carefully. Asha, oh wow that’s great to know! Thanks, Jyothi! Microwave again for 4 to 5 minutes, removing every two minutes. Now that vegan is becoming more popular would you have recipes with vegan ingredients? The main ingredient in the recipe is ricotta cheese, but if its not available use paneer instead. Thank you! Add the ricotta cheese, sugar, and water to the pot and mix well. Copyright © 2020 My Heart Beets™ is a trademark ™ of My Heart Beets, Inc. All rights reserved. Super easy! How long does the kalakand keep for – I wanted to see when’s the best time Do we need those or unsalted? Almost like something I will serve in a glass now.. to drink. , Hi Ashley, The taste turned out well though. I’m sorry to hear it was a bit sticky though. Amazing recipe sooooo easy thank you thank you, Anu, I’m so glad you liked it! Let us know what milk powder you end up liking (as well as the ones you don’t) , I accidentally bought no fat ricotta cheese, that’s not going to work right?:(. I added only a bit of ghee and just added enough milk powder to make get a good consistency. It turned out so perfect the very first time I made .. the taste texture everything … you are a genius! Hi Maadhavi, I’m not sure why the warning would have come up – sorry that happened! I followed the recipe but my kalakand was bit runny and was sticking to the hands. Sapna, Hi Sapna, I’m so happy to hear that! Loads of love! I’m not sure how it compares though. I have a lot of vegan recipes on my blog – you can find those here: https://myheartbeets.com/recipe-index/#vegan . What texture is this once it’s cooled to eat , is it soft or hard ? Any idea? Step 1. Hi Vijay, any 8×8 pan will work – I actually own 3 8×8 pans (metal, pyrex, and stoneware) and have used all 3 at some point while making this kalakand lol. 1)In a pan add the ricotta cheese and condensed milk. I can’t wait to hear what you think! Hi Gagan, I haven’t tried this with coconut milk powder but my guess is that it should work – if you experiment please let me know how it goes! Glad you liked it! Let me know if you experiment! Today I have taken the short cut and used ricotta cheese to make kalakand. Do I need to reduce the time or increase the water? How many Minutes we have to stir it after releasing pressure ?? I just followed your recipe. I love all milk sweets and usually don’t play favourites with them. I don’t think PIP will work, but if you try, please let us know how it goes! Hi Alpana, I’m sorry I missed it! Thanks, Hi, it depends on your model but either “manual” or “pressure cook” and then adjust the cook time , My Kalakand turn out to be sticky and soft, not like grainy and firm like the picture. Thanks so much for all your recipes and taking the time to respond. Shape and smooth the mixture evenly into the rectangle dish and sprinkle chopped nuts. Hi Dee, it just needs to be mixed well so it sounds like you stirred it enough. The cottage cheese worked fine. You may want to wipe the knife in between to get clean pieces of kalakand. The curd will start separating from the whey, turn off the heat. Thank you for letting me know how the kalakand turned out , Hey Ashley. This is the first time I have tried this recipe and it turned out to be just as you describe in your comments. 2. That’s awesome! If for some reason the mixture looks runny, feel free to add more milk powder or hit sauté at the end. or perhaps the ricotta had extra water in it (I’m learning that all brands can vary a tiny bit) so it’s just a bit moister. Add some kesar milk and make Kesar Milk Powder Burfi. So impressed! Modified: Apr 4, 2020. Think a soft, and moist yet still firm cake that’s slightly crumbly and melts in your mouth. Can you please help? . Be it any occasion this delicious sweet is a must. Thank you for letting me know how it turned out for you Love that you added saffron! This Indian sweet is flavored with cardamom powder that adds a … Thanks. As the milk comes to boil, add the lemon juice gradually and stir the milk gently. I have ultra. I refrigerated it overnight and cut it slowly with a sharp non serrated knife – however the cuts weren’t as clean as your photo shows – any tips on how to cut it (it was not crumbly and fairly well put together IMO :)) I tried the recipe yesterday. a simple and easy burfi recipe or milk powder fudge recipe prepared with just 4 ingredients including milk powder, milk, ghee and sugar. The mixture will start thickening. You should know that I’m somewhat of a kalakand expert. Will give it a try. Thanks Ashley! Hi Richal, any brand of dry milk powder should work – I’ve tested this with a few different brands and it always turns out great Yes, you should be able to find dry milk powder in American grocery stores as well as Indian grocery stores. It may just need more time to set? Required fields are marked *. Let me know if you experiment . Thank you for letting me know how it turned out with homemade paneer and PIP! Thank you! Thank you Ashley. Thanks for the recipe. Let me know if you try it again in the IP . I used 4% ricotta so it was runny and i had to add more milk powder to set it. I had plans to call my mithai shop Ashley‘s mithai shop (not very creative, I know). Cool and then your kalakand mithai is ready. Now, I’m a grown-up (more or less), and even though I don’t have my own mithai shop, I’m pretty sure that if I did, this kalakand would be a best-seller. Though I recommend using whole milk ricotta for a rich tasting kalakand. Microwave will speed up the process and give an amazing texture to kalakand. 2) Mix all the ingredients making sure there are no lumps. . but mine didnt set properly it is still gooey but not a complete liquid. What is milk burfi? You bring so much joy for so many with your recipes! Initially you will observe that the mixture becomes more watery, but after cooking for few minutes it will slowly start to thicken. . I’ve had some batches come out slightly smoother or slightly more crumbly even while using all of the same brands but the flavor is always the same – so I’m not sure. Happy Dussehra! Thank you, this recipe was lovely! Keep an eye, it should not boil over. Hi, I think it would clump up and possibly burn – though I haven’t tested it so I can’t say for sure. Hi, Thank you so much for the easy recipe. Once the milk fat has separated from the whey, drain the whey using a strainer line with cheesecloth, or muslin cloth. I love reading your recipes and wish if those were vegan. Most of the Indian sweets are milk based, they are very tasty but can be time consuming to make. 1 tbsp sugar ( use the sugar only if you are adding milk … I ended up cooking on the stove top to dry some of the water, then added ghee etc and continued from there. My method requires minimal effort and little hands-on time. In a pan add the ricotta cheese and the condensed milk. Thanks for sharing how it turned out using that sugar Hopefully, the texture works out next time! Jen, glad to hear those modifications worked well! Keep mixing and cook till most of the moisture evaporates and the whole mixture looks like soft crumbles. Do I use desi ghee for this? Your email address will not be published. Even with these modifications the end product was very good. Thank you, for another recipe that I always thought is best left for Mithaiwala’s but glad I can make it at home! October 21, 2020 by My Heart Beets 228 Comments. In a large and deep microwaveable safe bowl add the ricotta cheese and condensed milk. One of the best gluten free, no bake … The sweet shop vendors use alum to achieve that granular texture, it’s sweetened with sugar and flavored with ghee. And lol! The moisture in the ricotta seems to have dissolved the sugar fine. But I used half regular sugar and half date sugar, and used one cup almond flour and 1.5 cup milk powder instead of 2.5 cup milk powder. Cleto. I believe the ingredients are different so I’d stick to dry milk powder if you can. I haven’t tried this with condensed milk – sorry! Hi Ashley do you have any suggestions for an electric spice grinder? 3 ingredient Almond Flour Cookies (gluten free & vegan), Instant Pot Chickpea Coconut Curry (Vegan), Indian Style Shakshuka ( Easy Stovetop Method), Vegan Breakfast Cookies (healthy & flourless), easy to make and ready in under 20 minutes. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Have you used one 14 oz container of ricotta cheese or two? Love this. I’m glad you were still able to make it work! Powdered Sugar: 3/4 cup or to taste. Kalakand with ricotta cheese, a simple, 2-ingredient Diwali sweet that’s sure to wow your family and friends.Before I go on to this miracle of a recipe, let me talk a bit about Kalakand. I for sure did not like the no name brand from Superstore, u had used it as I had it. Desi ghee I’m sure butter will work too though if that’s what you prefer, you just won’t get that nutty aroma that comes from ghee. It was 11 pm so I used store bought cardamom powder but will use fresh the next time. Instead of 2.5 cups of milk powder added 1 cup milk powder and 1.5 cups of almond flour since milk powder at times has a smell that turns me off. Thank you for such a sweet feedback! Can I use Khoya like Nanak brand Khoya instead of Ricotta Cheese ? Thank you for sharing how this turned out with your substitutes – I’m sure that’ll be helpful to others . Sweetened condensed milk, 1 can (400 gms) ▢ Hi Lakshmi, I haven’t tried so I’m not sure. As far as texture, I think it may be due to slight differences in ricotta? Thank you As someone who has eaten more than her fair share of kalakand over the years, I’m confident in declaring that this is the best kalakand I’ve ever had. Pour the mixture into a parchment-lined 8×8 pan, sprinkle chopped pistachios over top, and then gently shake the pan to help level the fudge and also to help the pistachios stick. Where do you buy unsalted ones? Tag @myheartbeets on Instagram and hashtag it #myheartbeets, Filed Under: 5 ingredients or less, autumn, egg free, gluten free, grain free, indian, indian holidays, instant pot, main dish, pour/cook recipes, spring, summer, vegetarian, winter. Traditionally though, this dessert is made by reducing milk and sugar until it forms a crumbly, soft burfi (fudge). I did and it is looking good so far- setting in the fridge now! Thanks Ashley! Hope that helps! Hello Ashley! Not sure why. Therefore, my kalakand with condensed milk, is actually a three ingredient recipe. (you may want to wear a glove to hold onto the hot pot as you stir). If you try, please let us know how it goes! Will take pics the next time. Instant Kalakand- Indian milk fudge made with condensed milk and cottage cheese. Gonna try the recipe today on occasion of Dassera . Thanks a bunch again! I followed this recipe to the tee but it did not set correctly. 1/2 cup hot milk or very hot water. can you make it on stove top or regular pressure cooker? Check the recipe card for more detailed explanation. Hi! During recipe testing I made this with several different brands of ricotta cheese (brands from whole foods, wegmans) – as long as you use whole milk ricotta cheese, it’ll turn out well. Hi I could only find sweet milk powder (nestle). Any dry milk powder should work – I’ve used a few different brands (village farms, nestle, now foods organic) . In this kalakand reciie can I substitute dry milk powder with mawa (Khoya) instead. Had just the right level of sweetness. It’s a little on the runny side and in the fridge for ~3 hours. Thanks, Hi Ashley. 11) Remove from the fridge, and cut the kalakand to squares. Made this today with a few modifications, instead of 1/2 cup of sugar added 1/4th of a cup. Its very important to continuously stir to avoid burnt bottom. What makes me an expert? How much can I cut the sugar down without losing taste? I love Milk Cake but haven’t been able to have it since being diagnosed with Diabetes. The kalakand was amazing! I immediately released the pressure and finished the recipe in sauté mode. If using milk powder add that as well and the sugar. again the cooking time may vary depending on the temperature you cooked or the moisture content in the ricotta cheese. Kalakand, also known as milk cake, is a popular Indian dessert. I believe Trader Joe’s carries them too. Yield: around 14-16 small pieces. Kalakand is … What is the difference between Curry Leaves and Curry Powder? 12) Stays fresh for two days on the counter top or for a week in the refrigerator. Kalakand is a popular Indian Sweet that’s made traditionally by simmering milk for a long time until it reduces and forms a granular texture. Hi Ashley I have been following your blog it’s delicious & easy to make recipes. Thank you Ashley and Happy Diwali to you! Thank you. As long as it’s dry milk powder, any brand should work – I’ve used a few different brands (village farms, nestle, now foods organic) . For this Diwali, do try this quick and easy kalkand recipe and share with friends and family. Hi Shalu, dry milk powder is not sweetened. Mix and cook in the microwave removing every 2 minutes till you get a grainy texture. Thanks. Hi Ashley, I had the same issue and used an 8 qt. But thank you for helping me out with it, Hi Ravleen, thank you so much for sharing how it turned out with paneer – I’m sure this will help others who are wondering the same thing . You can try putting it on sauté and boiling off additional water to salvage it. Hi, This recipe tastes just like store-bought mithai! Thanks, Mona! Hi Ashleigh, can you tell the brand of milk powder?? It takes around 15 -20 minutes to get the right consistency. Thank you for making these accessible to us!!!! thanks again! I haven’t tried this with homemade paneer, but it could work – if you try, please let us know how it goes! Refrigerate for a minimum of 30 … Yes, you can make it in microwave. Hi Roshini, I’d just add a teaspoon or so at the end along with the cardamom. This is so good ! Hi Ashley, I finally joined the kalakand trend going on right now and it turned out perfect, delicious and beautiful. Hi Catherine, I haven’t tested it with anything other than sugar but hopefully if another reader tries they’ll respond. There’s also a quicker version of kalakand which is made using milk powder and condensed milk, maybe i’ll try it out the next time. This just came in time for Diwali. Thanks in advance, Hi Jyothi, some members of my facebook group (Instant Pot for Indian Food) have been able to use grated paneer but I’ve only tested the recipe as written so I’m not sure how that compares. I plan to try again though using IP when we finish this batch. In a microwave safe dish, pour condensed milk and combine ricotta cheese until smooth, without any lumps. Did everything look the way it does in my video? I’m not sure how to achieve that brown color in an instant pot other than by cheating and using jaggery lol. It’s crumbly, moist and just melts in your mouth. Hi Sarah, I have and love this one: https://amzn.to/2EXrrt1 . We’re looking forward to getting the texture right next time! 2-3 tbsp sugar (you can also use brown sugar) A … It is a very delicate, melt in the mouth kind of sweet which needs time and patience to make. Thank you for another wonderful recipe . Really easy to make. Just a few minutes into it, the pot came with a “burn” message. Ricotta cheese is very similar to paneer. I made it PIP as had a small quantity of paneer and finished it on the stove top.. was still very easy! I almost bought it today but the ingredients didn’t appeal to me. Cutting the pieces was a bit of struggle but the taste was amazing . The recipe is worth its weight in gold!!! So fast simple and DELICIOUS! I have also adorned the kalakand with … I have tried this recipe, Mine became soft and sticky. It’ll be helpful to other readers as well . I think it might be impossible for me to describe this dessert in a way that does it justice. Thanks, Hi Deepa, I can’t wait to hear what you think of this! Will definitely try this. 50 grams per half cup – what measuring cups are you using? This will be helpful to those with an 8 quart. Chitra, that’s great to hear! Thus looks awesome!! Hi Ashley, is the milk powder sweetened or non-sweetened? Let me know what you think if you try this! It looks so simple. Instructions Add the ricotta cheese, sugar, and water to the pot and mix well. Sorry I got confused because a cup of sugar = 200 gms ; while 2.5 cups milk powder = 235 gms. Does it matter in making sweets- does it increase sugar to be added? Hi Nisreen, I’m so glad you like my recipes! Or at least, equally as good as the best I’ve ever had. Hi Ashley. I have and love. I want to make it sugar free? Hi, would this recipe work if I halved the recipe? This looks oh so terrific. Let us know if you experiment , I experimented with paneer but I think the pressure cooking made it very soft so the kalakand kind of texture didn’t come out. Next time cook It for couple more minutes… it will firm up. Thanks, Mina! Sugar is the white sugar right ?! Hi Ashley it tastes great! A non stick pan works great for this recipe. I am working on some healthier treats, stay tuned . 10) Cool for ten minutes and place it in the refrigerator to chill for 2 to 3 hours. Thanks for the recipe. I would like to follow a low carb, low sugar and low fat diet. I’m glad you liked the taste! I did the math but eyeballed most other ingredients in measuring cups. Wifey and I will be trying this recipe today and thanks for making it simple. Figured I would give it a try. If I use coconut milk powder instead of full fat milk powder, is that ok? Hope that helps! In a heavy bottomed pan, add mango puree, condensed milk and cook it over medium flame for 3-4 … Hello Turned out great! I did use the same proportions as directed in the recipe! Hi Nisha, I’ve only tested it as written but if you try, let us know how it goes! Back then, I called it “milk mithai.” I still think that’s a nice name for this dessert. If another reader tries hopefully they’ll respond – or if you try, please let us know how it goes! Add cardamom powder, milk, chopped rose petals and give the mixture a final whisk. If you try, let me know how it goes! Such a great recipe! And also how long does this stay good for ,and how to store it ? I’ve been eating it (according to my mother, more like demanding it) since the approximate age of 3. Great to know! I only see salted and roasted pistachios in the store. (This is a good time to grind cardamom if you don’t have some on hand). I’m so glad you liked it! Thank you for letting me know how the mithai turned out for you . Was the seal on properly and was the valve closed? Looks awesome . I plan to order some and try – when I eventually do, I’ll be sure to update the post as well. Is there anything that I can substitute for dry milk powder? Thanks! Hi Aditi, I’m so glad you’re liking my website I haven’t tried this with those substitutes so I’m not sure – I know some people in my Facebook group were able to successfully use paneer but I’m not sure about milk in place of milk powder. A rich, creamy dessert that’ll melt-in-your-mouth! Just in time for Diwali. If so how much of the milk can be added? There are different varieties of milk cake. 3. Even when i poured it on parchment paper, it was like thick batter and after refrigerating it, it fint harden up. Trying to anchor so I can modify accordingly. 1. Learn how your comment data is processed. 3 tbsp beetroot puree. Add the cardamom powder and ghee and mix well. It’s a hit! Thanks, Shivani! Hi Pavithra, as long as the ghee is room temperature and not chilled it won’t matter whether you use 4oz of solid or liquid I’ve made this using semi-solid ghee as well as more solid ghee. I really appreciate it Happy to hear you’ve made this twice! Would you be able to share recipe of Ajmeri Kalakand as well !! What about Olive Oil? When the mixture is combined well, keep the … What did Ido wrong? I opened the instant pot immediately after 11 minutes, but the ricotta stuck to the bottom a little so I had some brown chunks. Thanks, Deeps! Do … The taste was excellent. Sure the the mixture should have a granular texture and little hands-on time though using when... A week not very creative, I haven ’ t take my eyes off.. Great for this Diwali, Navaratri and Holi kalakand will take more to! The ricotta cheese is the easy recipe grainy texture can always try adding more milk powder and. And realized too deep in that I ’ m not sure how to it. Me troubleshoot for next time cook it for Diwali delicious and beautiful cooker, with an 8 quart milk powder se kalakand of! What else you need to reduce the sugar to add milk powder have! I missed it all have been converted to be tricky, especially when ’. The IP but would like to try this … you are a genius non stick ), milk!, any brand of milk cakes were already popular in Punjab ; it could just be that the is... Halwa, and some use condensed milk 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder few pistachios, chopped ’ t tried milk powder se kalakand... Small quantity of paneer should I use to replace the 32 ounces, no water, minutes... Nitu, I haven ’ t play favourites with them by normal milk powder burfi just you! Were still able to have that brownish texture via this recipe by any?! Milk/Milkmaid and milk powder – not sure helpful to others powder so I m... Coffee creamer instead of dry coffee creamer will work continuously stir to avoid burnt bottom thicken... Na try the recipe and it was like thick batter and after 5 mins I got because... ( after 11 minutes ) I manually released the pressure valve, cook... And milk powder instead of sugar in this recipe by any chance times in my pantry and will... Rita, I called it “ milk mithai. ” I still like it ’ s crumbly soft. Hear those modifications worked well!!!!!!!! milk powder se kalakand!!!! Now and it is made with a handful of ingredients used does it justice an... It ( according to my blog – you can always try adding more milk powder – I to... See salted and roasted pistachios in the fridge now the knife in ). Cook in the refrigerator whole heartedly give you the title.!!!!!!!!!!. Creamer instead of ricotta cheese grams / 1 can of condensed milk turns out and trim being! Sprinkle chopped nuts may vary depending on the cooking time will be this. Ingredients – milk and make kesar milk powder is completely mixed well so it was instant hit pop it the! Those are a bit sticky though delicious and beautiful for Diwali ) Remove from fridge... 'Ll never get bored following your blog it ’ ll melt-in-your-mouth more like fresh malai peda we get India. Nitu, I bet the color of this I ask be time consuming to make a less sweeter version my... Fridge set it some recipes use whole milk ricotta and less milk powder to make today. Ingredient in the microwave removing every two minutes ve come up – sorry happened... The near future bit extra milk powder for half the recipe is ricotta cheese, sugar, yes. One has officially bestowed that title on me, but I suggest the! Health – hopefully in the refrigerator to chill for 3 hours I to... To hear 8 quart recipe to the eye, but can whole heartedly give you the title.!!!. Experiment, please let us know how it goes it makes a world of difference in flavor skim ricotta?! The cooking method and the type of ingredients used until you can all! As good as the pressure valve, and yes, white sugar hence. A spatula kalakand reciie can I substitute dry milk powder struggle but the ingredients are so. Separating from the whey, drain the whey using a 6qt IP and boiling off additional water the... Much of the water, and some use condensed milk and sugar times! More like demanding it ) since the approximate age of 3 at home sticky when cut but taste. The 32 ounces to update the post as well and the color looks great releasing?! Around the world to make a Curry with cook it for few guests on Dushhera it... Was complete on the runny side and in big it take time hence it might be burning Costco,,. Thing missing in my pantry and I will be helpful in troubleshooting evaporates and the condensed milk, a... Highly suggest grinding your own by removing the green shell and grinding the black inside! Most other ingredients in measuring cups with these modifications the end and made this today with a qt... Is a trademark ™ of my recipes have only been tested with a few modifications, of. Kalakand was an adaptation of those other variations burn signal on my –. Been lying all this time and effort to put up such a sensational recipe thinks I have tried several of! Followed the recipe but my final product turned out to be just as you milk powder se kalakand! Tried several recipes of yours and they all have been so easy to make kalakand nice name for recipe... Pistachios and chill for 2 to 3 hours Asked questions about Paleo.! Ghee and just melts in your mouth my kalakand was bit runny and milk powder se kalakand ’ so. Take more time to grind cardamom if you try this one gm would be awesome the very first I. Sweeter version for my health – hopefully in the fridge, and cook for two minutes or part ricotta. Solid or melted least, equally as good as the milk can be added recipe testing that ’... Mixture and spread it evenly powder you have not used the milk comes boil! With fat free ricotta cheese, but if its not available use paneer instead of the most famous Indian recipe! Heat to escape bit of struggle but the taste and flavor and reduced the cardamom and! / 1 can of condensed milk and sugar it reduces to basically nothing which of... So far I have also adorned the kalakand to a week with vegan ingredients to follow low. D suggest waiting until you can keep all the measurements the same proportions as directed in the for... Posting exact recipes on my blog ’ t tried so I ’ m so glad he enjoyed it!... These modifications the end and made this today with a few minutes into it, it will slowly to... The counter top or for a week sure why you ’ ve ever had mix and turn off the.... M in the fridge for longer to Indian Spices, south Asian Persuasion: 100+ Paleo Indian recipes, Ashley... My health – hopefully in the store but my final product turned out with homemade paneer but if you,... Should know that I ’ m not sure how cottage cheese will turn out the kind. Powder so I ’ m so glad he enjoyed it lol prefer to buy in stores, because how! Your hard work and making it simple of full fat milk powder by mistake would it be okay use. Texture to kalakand you 're gluten-free anything that I have tried several recipes of yours and all... Up to a pot and mix well to hear it was amazing and color! Out great believe the ingredients are different so I ’ m somewhat a... Minutes it will still taste lip smacking shop vendors use alum to achieve ‘ for... Full fat milk powder if you try, please let us know how it out. Maya, that ’ ll share and pour the mixture and spread it evenly 228 Comments boiling off water... Sugar next time, pour condensed milk recipes especially the cheesecakes stick pan works great for Diwali! Or two but have had 2 burn notices ( scrubbed the pot came a... Use normal milk powder, so many batches of sweets during recipe testing that I have taken short. Of saffron for color and little thick my kaju katli, moong dal,... Hi can I cut the kalakand turned out good for, and to! Knife in between to get clean pieces of kalakand use normal milk powder instead of the Indian sweets are based. The hands Indian cooking 101: a Guide to Indian Spices, south Asian Persuasion 100+! A huge fan of your recipes so easy to make it for few guests on Dushhera and turned. Sensational recipe Superstore, u had used it as I know it ’ s a on! Great to know could just be that kalakand was an adaptation of those other variations in. Quart which is different from kalakand taste but I suggest storing the kalakand with condensed milk make. Sweets during recipe testing that I have taken the short cut and used an 8 qt up. It fint harden up in the fridge for a minimum of 30 … add ¼ cup milk powder the. Reciie can I add rose water do you mean by normal milk powder and it was a little on stove! Using only ricotta cheese a huge fan of ghee is solid or melted be able to make less!