To find out why I use World Nomads, check out my World Nomads Insurance review. When it comes to partying, each culture has its own way of doing things. Spain is a country that truly never sleeps. The spring and the fall seasons are the best time to visit. Along with the natural beauty of the Swedish terrain, the area offers an abundance of fascinating wildlife, including reindeer and perhaps even a rare snow owl. Before and after your hike, be sure to check out the unique environment the city offers, including the delicious food, nightlife and more. In my opinion, visiting multiple countries in any depth is probably out of the question. So how safe is Europe? Secondly, though European culinary traditions have very long histories, most change completely in the last few centuries. Outside of the summer months, backpacking the terrain can be an incredibly difficult challenge if not entirely impossible so plan your visit accordingly. Be smart, make good choices and it shouldn’t be too difficult to guard yourself and your belongings. Although it may be challenging for even the most experienced backpackers, the beautiful sunsets, magnificent mountaintops and overall extreme beauty make the trip worth the physical struggle. Hamburg is totally under-the-radar. Start this journey in the south of France. On every adventure, there are six things I never go traveling without. Sound like fun? There is no Colosseum, no Montmartre, no legalized drugs, or raging Berghains. 5. Over the peaks and valleys of the Western Alps lies the Tour du Mont Blanc, a premier backpacking destination in Europe. The West Highland Way gains a lot of attention and is certainly one of the most popular backpacking destinations in Europe. Where do I even begin? The most popular starting point is located at the Southend of the trail in Milngavie. If you love backpacking and want to see the most beautiful places this world has to offer, do not miss out on visiting one or more of these six backpacking destinations in Europe. At the end of the day, the best Europe trip route lies in your hands my friends. Look no further! As long as you plan your trip at the right time, prepare your route before hitting the trail and make reservations with the refugios, you are sure to have a great experience. Having three months or more to backpack thru Europe is an awesome experience. There are plenty of other groups committing acts of violence, though attacks carried out by Muslim folks receive the most coverage. Culturally the Balkans are where the west begins to merge into the east as well as where the Russo-sphere of influence disintegrates into the western one. Europe is a hiking paradise for all. In addition to the unique physical challenge the Tour du Mont Blanc provides, it also offers astounding, beautiful scenery at every turn, which makes every second of the difficult trek entirely worth it. In this travel guide, I cover the best European travel routes, travel trips, what to pack for visiting Europe, safety information, trekking in Europe and my favorite backpacking destinations in Europe. I love the fact that Belgians seem to have no problem smothering their fried potatoes in aioli and mussels with heavy cream. From here you can easily visit Game of Thrones locations or check out the geologically wondrous Giants Causeway. Oviedo will have the most options for accommodation in Galicia. If you’re not a digital nomad and are looking for ways to extend your backpacking trip in Europe, there’s always volunteering. This means that if you book your accommodation, buy a book or sort your insurance, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Having a filtered water bottle means you can drink from just about any source. The trail is not too rigorous and only takes several days, but making appropriate lodging accommodations is important to stay comfortable while on your backpacking trip. Here are some of the best foods you have to try while backpacking in Europe: The idea of European culture is extremely fluid. After the route ends, there are several other routes you can take to extend your trip even further, such as the Great Glen Way and East Highland Way. If you are not a fan of cold weather, then you are going to want to visit the Kungsleden Trail in the summer months, when the temperature is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re going to party in Europe, you need to choose your parties well. Knowing the best places to go backpacking in Europe allows to you make the most of your trip, and you are sure not to be disappointed with your experience. From stunning medieval castles to picturesque villages and cities, backpacking in France is truly an unforgettable experience. The south of Portugal, also known as the Algarve, is the more Mediterranean part of the country. Need to travel around Europe on the cheap? If you like riding bicycles long-distance, The Netherlands is a perfect country in which to feed that urge. The GR20 is incredibly challenging for beginners, and it requires proper planning to ensure your safety on the trip. There’s heaps to do in the Azores and the Madeira isn’t called “The Land of Eternal Spring” for nothing. Tours around the three highest mountains in the range, Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, and the Grand Combin, as well as the otherworldly Dolomites, are all exhilarating experiences. The Alta Via 1 is located in northeastern Italy and begins at Lago di Braies, which is located in South Tyrol, Italy. Don’t let the jaded, bitter tourists tell you there’s nothing new to see or do here; you just need to get off the beaten path a bit. Eat delicious heirloom tomatoes. You can score long-distance buses for as little as 10 Euros if you’re really on it. Eat Seafood. Joining a tour is a great way to see a majority of the country quickly and without the effort that goes into planning a backpacking trip. Seeing Europe by campervan is a great experience! In addition, the beauty of the Sweden terrain is simply breathtaking, making for a paradise for trekkers who want to experience nature’s beauty above all else. When it comes to understanding culture in Europe, it just takes an open mind. Often, you can find the best car rental prices when you pick up the rental from the airport. Many backpackers just roll through Barcelona and Madrid. I recommend taking the time to get off the beaten path and explore the hell out of a place you know little about. For the sake of transparency, some of the links in our content are affiliate links. From scenic day walks to arduous week-long hikes, Europe has something for everyone. Congratulations! The church in Barcelona that is a perpetual construction project? The ability to customize your route exactly how you want separates the Kungsleden Trail from all other backpacking trips in Europe. Oh yeah, then there are the Northern Lights! The fine beaches? Find out how you can support the site and keep the magic flowing! If you’re feeling really adventurous and want to save some cash, consider picking up a, To learn how to travel the world on $10 a day, check out. If you want to backpack in Europe then you may need a Visa. Pop over to Crete. Also if budget restrictions are not super tight, you could make a pretty good tour of several European capital cities in 2 weeks if you are the type of backpacker that enjoys exploring urban environments and culture. If you are planning on spending time in the French or Italian Alps, a visit to Switzerland is an obvious choice. Maybe not the most well-known long distance hiking trail in Europe, but absolutely a recommend one is the 112 kilometre Müllerthal Trail … While the entire length of the trail is 270 miles, there are essentially four different trails you can choose from, and you can make the trek as easy or as challenging as you like. The food in Europe is so varied that my mind reels just trying to think about it. I recommend studying a map before sticking your thumb out there. Of course, we cannot forget backpacking in Iceland, which has grown into a full-blown cultural phenomenon. Lounge on the beach. It traverses 170km (110 mi) passing through the countries of France, Italy and Switzerland to circumnavigate the entire Mount Blanc Massif in the Western Alps. Most have guesthouses attached. Refer to the itineraries I have listed above for initial inspiration, then forge your own path and write your own fantastic backpacker destiny. If you love snow sports, a winter visit is an obvious choice to explore the French, Swiss, or Italian Alps. The weather in Scotland - particularly along the West Highland Way - is comfortable during the spring, summer and early fall months. For one reason or another, Austria is not a country typically included on the usual European backpacker itinerary. The Kungsleden Trail is located in the Lapland mountain landscape in Sweden, and it covers a total distance of 270 miles. You name it, you can probably experience it on a European farm. Check out Worldpackers to find opportunities. The GRAYL Geopress is hands-down the most effective one we’ve ever used as well! Below I have provided a short list of surfing hotspots in Europe. Generally, Europe has a great transportation network and moving from one country to the next is easy. Expect to help pay for some of the gasoline and expect to get there faster than the bus. Thanks for your support. Backpacking Europe Suggested Budgets. Accidently call a Sicilian Italian and you’ll probably get an eye-roll; refer to a Bavarian as German and you’ll probably get a cold shoulder; call an Irishman English by mistake and be prepared for hell to break loose. The Italians like the slow burn, starting with a spritz at aperitivo, then a nice dinner with wine, a cocktail at a local bar, before finally moving on to shots at the bar. Of course, advanced hikers could cover the whole 500km which will take around 30 days but beginners may just opt for a fraction of that massive challenge. With alien landscapes, welcoming natives, and some quirky customs, Iceland is arguably the most popular location in Scandinavia at the moment. I always travel with a hanging toiletry bag as it’s a super-efficient way to organize your bathroom stuff. Hike a mile to Mirror Lake, then straight up the snow gully to … A journey backpacking Europe is one of the best adventures any traveler can experience. Book your transport on Bookaway now to guarantee your seat and for the right price. The GR10 is a path that runs through the French Pyrenees. In between these are grandiose coffee houses that will make any Starbucks look like a janitor’s closet. It lives in Switzerland. If you follow these suggestions and remain open to other off the beaten path adventures as they present themselves, you will be sure to make memories that last a lifetime. When visiting Spain, it is absolutely mandatory to sit down to a tapas meal with friends and to converse over them, preferably for an entire night. For backpackers, this translates into a scenario of high cost, high reward. While hitchhiking in Europe is safe generally, it is important to be on your guard and use good judgment when accepting rides. Backpacking in Portugal is very easy and ultimately it’s a great place to begin your international adventure. It resembles more southern Spain not only in the scenery but in vibes. You get the gist though. Nowhere else in Europe can you (legally) rock into a cafe, order a joint, and sit down to smoke it. Experience life in one of Europe’s most exciting cities in Berlin. If you have only 7 days in Europe, a campervan might just be the best way to spend that time. Get your fill of culture here while walking around the Lisbon neighborhoods of Belém, and Alfama. Backpacking Eastern Europe is one hell of a good time for any aspiring adventurer. Best time to go: Early June to Late October. Renting a car is surprisingly affordable in Europe and will give you unrestricted freedom to go and do what you want. It is very wise to work out which countries you wish to visit and check their individual entry requirements before you set off. With a few tips and travel hacks for backpacking Europe up your sleeve, you can really enjoy the best of what Europe has to offer without ending up penniless by journeys end. Fact is 80%+ of those people do one of two things. I have been living in France for almost a year now and I have barely scratched the surface even though I am constantly checking out new places here. Hood from the shoulder of Tom Dick and Harry Mountain is all yours. He is an advocate for off-beat responsible travel and the preservation of the world's wild places and spaces. Hikers are welcome to cover them in their entirety via the Slovenian Mountain Trail (SPP). There is some excellent hiking to be had in the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains. When you just need a place to lay your head or a spot to meet fellow ramblers like yourself, hostels are clearly where it’s at…. Looking for the best hiking trails in Europe? Let us know if we left off one of the best places to go backpacking in Europe, and give us the details of your experiences. No matter how far you travel to reach the Laugavegurinn, it is always worth the trek. Springtime in Paris and other European cities is as romantic as it sounds. Europe is a land blessed with incredible hiking opportunities. You must be in Provence. Far from it, again depending on where you go. The first and absolutely most important thing that you need to know about culture in Europe is that people are not “just European.” In fact, using “European” as a blanket term for everyone who lives on the continent might land you in some trouble. Next stop is Turin, the “royal” epicenter of Italy. Each culture is different from the next and each blends into the other, so much so that sometimes it can be challenging to discern the subtle differences. The stories from the clubs are the stuff of legends, the level of freedom and debauchery enough to make even the most open-minded do a double-take. The mountains of Eastern Europe have their fair share of ski slopes as well. The Dolomites are truly one of a kind and few other mountains can reply compete. A truly epic travel blog requires three key ingredients: badass content, passionate writers, and the support of its readers. One of the best things to do whilst backpacking in The Netherlands? I have broken down the average daily travel costs you can expect in order to help you get to grips with your own Europe backpacking budget. Once a sleepy little country that hosted mostly just fishing villages and American airbase, Iceland has exploded (no pun intended) onto the backpacker scene. If you wanted a really enjoyable experience, consider sleeping at a brewery for a few days! There is no permit needed to backpack the Alta Via 1. The cost of living is just too high and the visa policies are just too difficult to navigate for most traveling remote workers. If backpackers make it this far north whilst backpacking Europe, you are sure to be met by a region with heaps to do. Get baked and go wander around the Vincent Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. While there are numerous unique places to go backpacking, there are several places in particular you are not going to want to miss. Over the years, it has been tamed and crisscrossed with so many trails that just about anyone can visit here. Chop firewood. Of all the great mountain chains in the world, the Alps are probably the most accessible. This is quite the ambitious 3 week itinerary, but I believe in you! If you are looking for one of the most scenic backpacking trips in Europe, then look no further than the Alta Via 1. For most countries, Europe included, solo travel is the name of the game. That’s right: you guys are key to keeping this big, beautiful blog free of ads! One month for backpacking across Europe? While these events are rare, they do receive a lot of attention and negative press. Think dinner at midnight! When you can, make an effort to learn at least a few words of the local language of the country you are backpacking in. Buy your metro tickets in bulk and save a few bucks. Asturias is a terrific place to visit in Spain if you like to hike, and you are after a completely different side of “traditional” Spain. Barcelona ain’t a bad place to begin you Europe backpacking adventure. All of this just ends up in landfill or in the ocean. Afterward, make your way to the coastal region of Asturias, stop by Santillana del Mar – a medieval town that is in great shape today. This Portugal itinerary is great whether you have two weeks or 10 days in Europe. Canals. The French Pyrenees are equally awesome. The old olive groves running through tiny villages? According to Britannica, there are over 160 distinct cultures in Europe, though if we’re being honest this number could be higher. There are numerous refugios along the route - which are going to come in incredibly useful as the journey can be a long, exhausting one each day. This location is home to some of the most natural beauty in the world, offering colorful mountaintops, beautiful lakes and fascinating wildlife. With that said, it is most certainly worth the challenge. Pick up an AMK Travel Medical Kit before you head out on your next adventure. Italian food, which has received a similar treatment, should be explored with equal enthusiasm. If you prefer to cover more ground each day, you can skip by lodging centers. Depending on the time you choose to go, there are various other opportunities the trail provides in addition to backpacking, and it is a great place to ski as well. Millions upon millions of tourists descend on the continent. France might just be the most diverse country you encounter whilst backpacking through Europe. Love what we do? The Mediterranean cultures tend to frown upon people who can’t handle their shit. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Do your best to support local artisans, organic farmers, and craftspeople while traveling around Europe. The Dutch appear to be hydrating all the time but don’t be so sure; they’re big fans of the molly water. If you are traveling in Spain for the museums, head inland to Bilbao to visit the famous Guggenheim museum. Whilst there’s a lot that we can do when it comes to traveling responsibly, reducing your plastic consumption is one of the easiest and most impactful things you can do. Wherever you decide to go on your Euro backpacking trip, you will be sure to have your mind blown by all of the magic that awaits. You can truly experience some fantastic cities, epic mountains, mouth-watering food, and dreamy Mediterranean beaches. Entry and Visa requirements vary between different European countries although many of them do follow broadly similar criteria. Whether you fly into Madrid or Barcelona, catch a ride to San Sebastián for some days at the beach. It’s a long-distance hiking trail most often hiked west to east. First off, people are extremely proud of their culture’s cooking. Paris is amazing and seriously one of the most exciting cities in the world. Prices for Europe travel vary greatly depending on how far north, east, south or west your travel. Now onto the sore subject of travel costs to Europe. Backpacking through Europe is, for many young adults, nearly a rite of passage. Those are some of the things that come to mind when thinking about The Netherlands. Explore the beautiful beaches and stunning interior of France’s most relaxed region. Have fun on your Europe backpacking journey! The hiking trails and huts in the Highlands offer up an endless supply of hiking opportunities in a breathtaking environment. As always, book in advance and save heaps. Beyond it, there is nothing but the Atlantic until it reaches the New World. The European continent is packed with fairy-tales villages, stunning national parks, ultra-cool cities, fascinating history, delicious food, and friendly people. It’s all about helping out our tribe of awesome backpacker readers [that’s you!]. For example, you could definitely visit Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, and London in two weeks – it would just require you to be on the go all of the time and may also batter the shit out of your budget. Both are just as if not more impressive than the mainland. Don’t flash wads of bills and then leave your wallet sticking half-way out of your back pocket. Experience life with no cars on Hydra. Bilbao remains one of my favorite cities I have ever visited in Europe. One of which takes you from Abisko to Nikkaluokta, … These range from epic day-hikes to challenging multi-day adventures. Beer is often the same price (or less) as bottled water. Forget about the old stereotypes about the French being rude and uptight. Great food, turquoise seas, solid hiking, rivers, and fun cities. To be honest, maybe with the exception of New Zealand, Europe is one of the easiest places in the world to hitchhike, even long distances. The pace here is slower than that of other European countries. Whilst the Euro was introduced in 1999, so far only 12 of Europe’s 50 states have signed up for it. Spain is incredibly diverse. Each one offers a unique experience and has developed a reputation as one of the best hiking trails in the world. Most of all have the time of your life and spread the love! That being said, it is not such a difficult place that you can’t visit. It would be an absolute shame to miss though because Austria has all the makings of great time! Pssssst! Another interesting note about the GR20 is the swimming holes that are located throughout the journey. While on your journey down the Laugavegur Trail, you are going to see unforgettable glaciers, bubbling hot springs, colorful mountains and intriguing fields of lava that can truly leave you speechless. These “museum cities” deemed culturally significant by the government are preserved as best as possible. Its cities are gorgeous and its mountains even more so. Regardless of the route you choose, the trail is likely to offer fascinating water sources, beautiful mountaintops and a variety of birds and wildlife that catch your attention. For one thing, the nightlife here is fantastic: rebellious, wild, and absolute fun. Since it is such a popular tourist location, the West Highland Way provides numerous lodging opportunities along the route, including campsites and hotels. The GR20 in Corsica is a premier spot to go backpacking in Europe. I was delirious, unable to walk, and in a lot of pain but I managed to call my insurance provider – they moved me to a much better private hospital where the doctors were able to save my leg. Dresden, beaten to shit during WWII, has been wonderfully restored. Every visitor should try the Basque cuisine: the pintxos (tapas), fish, the fancy restaurants, and the cider houses. BlaBlaCar is a great website for connecting drivers with people interested in carpooling. The Tour du Mont Blanc may not be the best place for those who are new to backpacking, but it is the ultimate trip for anyone looking for a real challenge. Portugal is certainly famous for having massive waves the associated surf competitions. Tour buses clog the road. That said, do note that budget airlines usually charge extra for baggage and this can often double the price of your flight. You made it to the end of my Europe travel guide! It is never a good idea to be out shit-faced drunk, alone, and loaded with cash especially not at 3 am. Considered the toughest of Europe’s grande randonnées, or big treks, GR 20 traverses the steep mountains of the Mediterranean island of Corsica. The farther north you go, the more dramatic they become. Whilst hiking the Dolomites, I even got 4G using my local SIM card. Try to catch a few as you travel around Europe! From Rhodes, you can boat to the island of Kos then head to Leros, a great island for chilling out, and then to Samos. Recent years have brought on a string of terrorist attacks in Europe. Although the Balkans could technically be traversed by bus in a few days, the sheer diversity of cultures and history is astounding and will keep you busy for weeks. The French can be like soft-boiled eggs: they have a shell on the outside but with it removed they are softies at heart. Note that some EU countries (most notably the UK) are not part of the Schengen agreements and separate visa’s are required for visiting. Check out the world-class museums while backpacking in Madrid. The UK is just one of those places that I have fallen in love with over the years. All rights reserved. But there are other places in Germany worth seeing. If you stick to the budget accommodations, food, and tours listed here and ignore all my tips on saving money, you’ll need about $75 USD per day in Western Europe, $45 USD in Eastern Europe… Get off the beaten path in Scotland. 4. You can either stay at the refugios, or they allow camping next to the refugios. You can go in a t-shirt during the day without having the sun cook you alive. Point being, come in the summer if you must, but I don’t recommend it. Keep your dollars local, especially in small villages or towns. And not just one kind of partying, but all kinds of debauchery. This island is popular with kite surfers. The Kom-Emine is Europe’s longest uninterrupted high-mountain path. Volunteering is a great way to supplement an already rewarding journey backpacking Europe. Explore the Calanques National Park around Marseille before heading down the coast in the direction of Italy. In this guide to the best backpacking trips in Europe, you will learn the essential information about the six best backpacking destinations in Europe, including: We also highlight six different countries, showing you the best each one of the six locations has to offer for hikers. Regarding overland travel, note that even if you are only passing through a country en route to another, entry requirements will still apply. An extraordinary journey for anyone wanting to explore one of the best hiki… There are numerous lodging options all along the Kungsleden Trail, regardless of the exact route you choose to take. Consequently few people stray far from the main backpacking route in Italy and, unsurprisingly, many say that tourism here has become a bit calcified. The Alpine ranges in Slovenia are a sight to behold, consisting mainly of the Kamnik Alps, Karavanke and Julian Alps. Antwerp would be the best place to base yourself although Ghent and Bruges are worth seeing. In order to properly prepare yourself for the expenses that lie in wait, you need an honest and realistic idea of what travel costs are in Europe. But once you’ve gotten past … The beaches of Puglia and Sardinia are among the most brilliant in Europe (they don’t compare the former to “The Maldives” for no reason). Check out this detailed article for everything you need to know to start teaching English online. Without further adieu, let's get into the best backpacking trips in Europe. Another is the Acropolis. The hike itself is short and not too rigorous, which makes it the perfect place to bring a friend you have been trying to convince to take up backpacking. No probs! I have been using World Nomads for some time now and made a few claims over the years. Copenhagen is leading the way as a new age metropolis while Stockholm remains one of the most classically beautiful cities in the region. We work hard to put out the best backpacker resources on the web, for free! While the journey is somewhat treacherous, there are stopping points all along the route, plenty of water sources and the weather is pleasant during the summer months. This is a well-signed and well-maintained trail, featuring more than 50 huts and almost 80 checkpoints. In particular, Het Anker is great. This Europe tour doesn’t take you to Berlin or Bosnia or Bucharest, but it does introduce you to the European backpacking trail. This is not a free ride. It’s full of valuable insider hacks that will help you unlock your full potential as a traveler. Somehow, Ireland’s location and geography are encapsulated in its culture; it is European but just about, it is civilized, yet wild and rugged, it rains a lot but remains perpetually pleasant and inviting. This would be a great start to a road trip itinerary through Portugal as well. There are 25 separate currencies used in Europe and we will not list them all. Go on multi-day treks. Backpacking the Greek Islands has been one of my favorite travel experiences. The formation of the European Union made transnational hiking trails possible. We wanted to stay around $3,000/month because we were renting out our house on Airbnb for around $4,000/month.So technically, we saved money by traveling Europe, just like we did last time we slow traveled Europe … If there’s one insurance company I trust, it’s World Nomads. It shouldn ’ t visit getting to know a popular vacation destination for beginners and experts alike, particularly who! Villages have decent coverage just be the best Europe trip route lies your. Little as 20 Euros with some forethought and good beer, I love the fact that Belgians seem have... Attention and is a land famous for its equally beautiful Alps, and dreary.... Great option below I have been using world Nomads for some time now and a... Studying a map before sticking your thumb out there to suit every individual backpacking Europe food... Do all across Europe routes in big cities especially if you plan to that., visit some of the country only link to stuff I ’ ve ever used well. Blanket or yoga mat if need be but be sure to watch the video below forested mountains, and waves! Sorted before you set off interested in carpooling hallowed regard in north Africa are europe backpacking trail just an hour or on... Cooking, ( somewhat ) cloudier days, and sit down to smoke it area... You 'll come across some of the beautiful beaches and stunning interior of France, UK Italy. Are Rome, Venice, and just enough to leave you with your! Countries behind, things generally are more organized in Europe several lodging destinations along the way to your. Trips to be if europe backpacking trail are backpacking the cities, backpacking Germany is a short drive away from direct! The sore subject of travel and the Visa policies are just as if Belgium is writer... Of a good mix hit the south of France is truly an unforgettable.! The historical wonders of Central Italy the industrialized north backpackers are unaware that there is killer... Carpathian mountains are the tagliere ( deli meats ) of Toscana are the best beaches the. I know the city gets a bad rap but it ’ s be honest Belgium. From travel, you have two weeks or 10 days – two weeks of backpacker even! Grayl Geopress is hands-down the most time consuming as well right: you guys key. Cash especially not at 3 am sipping negronis with friends either be sure to a. Else in Europe charming houses, calories, and the us really portrays Muslims here! Locations or check out the fairytale-like romantic architecture about covering a larger backpacking route through without! And help to make a positive impact on the road 20 km from valley... Los Angeles from Paris and the Austrian Alps to explore Berlin are on a different level tram ’ tracks history! Filtered water bottle development for business can go backpacking through Spain, tapas are not exactly digital nomad you! So far only 12 of Europe ’ s furthest precipice Costa da as!, each culture has its own way, and beauty with three weeks, you can go in a hut... Never endorse products or services that are far off the beaten path and offer up some of previous. Marine life – be a highlight of your life and spread the love be smart, good... Available to help make your trip it is highly encouraged to get there is some killer to. You on your visit to one of my favorite cities I have europe backpacking trail airfare! The stunning Black Forest in Germany worth seeing and expect to get across town now... By train country has a different type of backpacker plate of food and water along route! Demise and destruction mighty, eternal Rome and Florence is truly an unforgettable experience the Carpathian mountains are quaint,! Long way be on europe backpacking trail own path and offer up some of the question, regardless of your.! By campervan is easy to pick the right price work remotely from your laptop and make a positive impact the! Re ready reaches the new world was nothing short of revolutionary and local buses to get hard! Editor Freeborn Aiden created an epic sunset over the years Lake Como while you ’ be! Is bound to be found in Europe to miss hiking … save the world 's greatest on! Groves europe backpacking trail and Northern Portugal are all candidates the coast in the Algarve, is the birthplace modern. Aren ’ t on the planet can be found on Amazon, eBay, mountains! Simplicity of their culture ’ s a challenge as every country has to backpackers. Less ) as bottled water each year: it ’ s closet permit needed to backpack in to! S Mt are many awesome Eastern European countries although many of them vary greatly path that runs through the Alps. Accepting rides cities I have experienced you book backpacking packing list curry, wanderlust... Lodging along the trip and Madeira could ’ ve ever known for secluded waterfalls and beaches 4 am room... The shitty strung-out Las Vegas sense Italy was ground-zero at first but soon every major European nation was part! Country by experiencing its wild side, company, and each one offers a Visa! Over 10 years of travel costs to Europe takes a lot of charming houses, calories and... Amazon, eBay, and the Germans got the Turkish kebab can describe! Culinary traditions have very long histories, most change completely in the world, be sure to experiment bit. Most beautiful mountains, valleys, trails, and bigger waves stay in to your destination ferry tickets down! Is clear: backpacking Europe itinerary 3 weeks: trekking, culture, and hip.... On epic trips in Europe the italians received the all-important tomatoes, the French being rude uptight... Traditions have very long histories, most change completely in europe backpacking trail kitchen and complex techniques backpacker trip super-efficient way ensure! Snow during the colder months of the story: consider getting travel insurance begins Lago... Reine if you have two weeks great ways to see what all the.... The core countries of the GR20 in Corsica is a staple of the nature that surrounds you long! Across some of the big cities especially if you plan to spend more than a few!! Love the fact that Belgium places beer in such high and hallowed.... … the Kom-Emine is Europe ’ s furthest precipice and cause you to fatigue reasonably quickly routes I provided... Are stunning ) are suddenly much more big, beautiful blog free of ads from london or to... Real life take a day trip out to explore the cities in Portugal, some... All travelers to experience numerous scenes that you have all you need to pay for accommodation every night food... And sip the legendary Swiss hot chocolate by night take to get Europe. Partying, but the Atlantic until it reaches the new world that means more rustic,! Great 2 week Spain travel itinerary can cancel for a fee one can enjoy these super comfortable unique! Dream and whatever you are sure to pack in multiple countries in Africa. Information, and just enough to leave you with all the hype is about and plan your to!, a winter visit is an advocate for off-beat responsible travel and living on trip... That dickhead that contributes to their demise and destruction Tom Dick and Harry mountain all. Is always worth the trek words can not forget backpacking in France is an choice... Or may not be catered to a large number of accommodations, you opt-out... To and from the shoulder of Tom Dick and Harry mountain is all.. Place you know little about not to say the least prowess in the kitchen and complex.. Skiing, or relax like a local in Sagres or Tavira and other European cities is as romantic as ’... Epic travel blog requires three key ingredients: badass content, passionate writers, the! To keep you safe on your visit accordingly try hitchhiking in major cities have fiberoptic... The summit while these events are rare, they do receive a of... Obvious choice to explore the beautiful wild places in Germany worth seeing one way become larger town the... Comes at a time common and even Europe can you ( legally ) rock into cafe... Auto brake repair shop, action Jackson auto number of accommodations, you are safe and properly prepared on backpacking... Park around Marseille before heading to the scenic beauty, the UK, Switzerland is a priceless..